Evening verse I

Just as water flows into the gyre below
Your evergreen pull keeps my feet on the ground
Though your azure gaze lures me towards the heavens
I suppose I exist halfway between the two layers
Living in both the past and the future;
While still trying to define the present


Infinity Above

Never has the night air felt so grey
The paragon of boundless complexity;
The goddess of the night illuminates the peaks and valleys alike
Supernovae being her garments; their magnificent colors hypnotize me
I can see them all with unbridled clarity; although, she’s so far away
She’ll be long gone before I could ever reach her
More than likely, I’ll be destroyed in the process
Have the constellations ever shown themselves so lucidly?

CH 4/9/2016

Carnal Carnivores

When you look into me with that feral gaze
Thoughts of pursuit cascade through me
I am the predator
I am the prey;
Which would you like me to assume?
I’m game; show me how you like to hunt
Show me how you devour
Show me how to devour
Consume me; breathe into me new life

Fear Itself

…a continuation.

How can something be beyond one’s reach if they’ve never tried to grasp it?
For the presence which you desire will erelong fade into the distance,
And the wintry winds of regret will frost over the walls of consciousness
Creating a slippery barrier which cannot be surmounted
Fear can be both a partially necessary, yet superannuated emotion
One which can save you from, yet cast you into a colliery
A colliery where those seeking happiness only find emptiness
Isn’t it best to transcend fear? The realm of fear separates us from the gods
Ironically enough, the gods have fears, just like you and I
The precariousness of mortality make our actions so much more precious
What you desire most is waiting at the zenith,
Only by bringing fear itself to its knees can you truly stand tall

-CH 4/15/2015


Earth, ice, rain and spirit gaze longingly above
Set ablaze in lasciviousness for the heavens,
The constellations were far beyond their reach
Though light travels faster when the beams are powered by lust

On earth as it stood, the skies were alive with lightening and rain
The clouds were dark and austere,
Passionate and unforgiving, provoked by the moon
Lightening casts shades of amber through their veins

The moon gazed downward, but never drew closer
For she knew propinquity could shatter her divinity
Stripping her of power, making her susceptible to mortality
Her glow gave depth and form to the clouds below

Torrential rain crashed down to be received by the earth
It was welcomed by the spirits which occupied the forests
The grass and moss which covered the floor was so verdant
It was almost like each blade was a small part of a larger being

Deep green gemstone was juxtaposed against trees of varying hues
Sienna, umber, pine and sand were made demure from darkness
Heavenly bodies looked down into the nebulous void
The allure of the unknown became more powerful than all governing forces

Palisades of Agate

I just wrote this to wind down after a long, but beautiful day… How does it make you feel?


These pristine walls of glass which held me captive have been shattered,
The palisades of trepidation were overlaid with ice and chalcedony
There she stood before me, closer than ever before
The shards left an infinite amount of crystalline fractals strewn below
I knelt down to contemplate their patterns,
There was such beauty hidden within the chaos
Agate ovals were scattered about in disarray
Their arctic blue cores glowed with a tenebrous seductiveness,
Illuminating every facet that connects me to you

CH 3/30/2015

The Storm before the Quiet

This is a short poem I wrote about love… How does it make you feel?

Come and let love surround you,
Let it permeate through what makes up your being,
Unraveling the fibers that bind you to solitude
Unraveling the fibers that keep your body concealed from my eyes

It’s the veiled storminess behind your eyes that beckon me closer
As mysterious as you are,
I have hidden ways to unlock the surging tide within you
Close your eyes and gaze upon me with your third

The echoes you emit resonate within me,
When you look at me, I live in an existence which hangs in suspension,
The torrential downpour within you has left me drenched,
Clouds shiver and showers soak the ground when we coalesce

Close your senses, save for hearing
Life has been restored to everything that envelopes us
You can hear the green and grey flourish,
The gods whisper to each-other faintly below the quietude
Bask with me in this grove eternally,
Stay with me in serenity until the next storm comes

-CH 3/25/2015